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Run log September 30 - Come Hell or High Water (or Dog Poop)

Well I got back at it yesterday, I ran 8,1x13k. It was raining and I am coming off a 3 week cold complete with sinus infection, so it wasn’t the fastest I’ve ever run, at 1:32.38. But I did it! Unfortunately the rain sort of brought up the smell of dog poop and someone along the seawall decided to take all of the bags of dog poop out of the garbage cans and leave them on the pavement, so the environment wasn’t as serene as it normally is. With the rain and the dog poop smell it was quite a feat, so I’m happy I got out there. Even if it drained my energy for the rest of the day :-) 

I’m still tired, so this is all I’m going to write for now. But suffice it to say that I’m back in the game!

And I’m back in the game! Run log Sept 7

Well, this should have been a day that I ran a half in the Okanagan in BC, a wine country run that I’d had my eye on. For better or worse this summer was way more about having other sorts of non-running fun, so I am not ready for a half yet. Instead, I signed up for the last one of the season which will be on November 24th. Pretty happy to be back at it, that’s for sure. 

Distance - 10k (8 running, 1 walking)

Time - 1:11.18 (mitigating time factors - multiple red lights and a quick chat with some friends that I bumped into along the seawall and I forgot to pause my timer)

Category (trail, road, hills, other) - road, seawall, 2 bridges (mostly flat with a few long low grade hills on the bridges)

Nutrition (pre, during, post-run, hydration) - dinner last night - sushi and sashimi salad. breakfast - a banana and peanut butter nice and natural bar. 

Conditions (weather, temperature, terrain) - overcast with some sunny breaks, around 20 degrees celcius. 

Health (heart rate, weight, sleep) - sleep was GREAT. I’m not drinking this month and that’s helped me get back into it. I had a big week so I fell asleep at 9:30pm last night, and slept almost 12 hours. So necessary. Woke up feeling nice and refreshed. 

Notes (shoes, gear, perceived effort, energy level, goals) - wore my capris and a tank top, with my hat. the heels of my running shoes are giving out, again, which is frustrating, but I’m determined to not buy another pair til January so we’ll see how that goes. 

Run log Sept 2

This weekend was a pretty monumental birthday for me, and I’m coming off a really fun summer with an unfortunate lack of running, which is about to change now that its fall.

My plan is to sign up for the last half of the season here, and train like mad to get in shape for it. Luckily I think my extended benefits are finally going to kick in, so at least I can get help for my muscles and joints when I need it. I’m also hoping that I can see a registered naturopath or someone that can help me with my diet. This decade is gonna be one of getting in shape and feeling good!!

Anyway, my run today was 7k, at an 8,1 interval. I was out for about 45 minutes, and being typical me decided to go at the hottest point of the day. Apart from a bit of a post-run headache, I’m feeling pretty good. I took the time to stretch properly and ice my shins, so I’m pretty happy about my recovery. I just need to remember to properly hydrate the day before my LSD going forward.

Happy to be getting into fall and back into running. It’s gonna be good!! Happy September everyone!

Run log Aug 27

Went again this morning despite having pain in the shins. Did 4,1x5 and ran 3.5k, not my best but at least I got out there and did it.

Went around the park by my house 3 1/2 times. Shins weren’t hurting as bad as I thought they would, which was positive.

Hoping to pick it back up ASAP! And happy it’s not as hot as it has been, for better or worse :-)

Thinking about registering for a run at the end of November, hoping it’ll get me in gear for my trip in December.

Run log aug 24

My it has been a while. I have still been running, but with nowhere near the intensity/determination of the same time last year. This summer flew by and I wasn’t signed up to race, so for better or worse I let it slide much more than I should have. Running for max 30 mins twice a week is much less than I am capable of, and I need to get back to it stat. I did my first weekend longer run today in over a month. I went 5.5k at 7,1. It wasn’t an overly impressive run, but I went and got it done so I can’t complain.

That’s it for now, I’m sure you’ll be seeing many more posts as soon as we hit the fall. I still have one last hurdle - a major birthday milestone happening next weekend. Eep!

Run log July 30

I’ve been terrible at keeping a run log lately, mainly because I’m not running with a purpose right now. I’m patiently waiting for my benefits to kick in, and am hesitant to go too hardcore into training for fear of injury and no ability to get the help I need.

I looked into doing a half at the end of September but I’m not where I need to be to do so. Instead I’ve pushed it back to focus on the end of year half here, so that I’ll again run late into the year.

Today was 7,1x4 around my neighbourhood track. The sun was out and the dude who thinks its a good idea to smoke while walking around the track was noticeably absent, so despite not wanting to get out of bed, it was a good run. I have commitments for the next 3 weekends so maintenance runs are where it’s at for the time being!

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